Directed Intelligence

Directed Intelligence makes LLMs smarter and more reliable. It combines language models (LLMs) with scripting layers to solve problems we encountered with ChatGPT-style applications.

Why we built it: We started by adding a ChatGPT-style features into our app. It didn't work well: We tried mega-prompts as a fix. They weren't enough: These failures pushed us to rethink LLM interaction from the ground up. We envisioned:

So we built an implementation of this pattern.

How it works:

diagram of directed intelligence Real-world example: Product Manager

Directed Intelligence isn't just a band-aid fix. It's a fundamental shift in how we design LLM interactions. If you’re curious to see it in action try the demo at

Example Script

Cameron Westland, Max Cameron, Jon Friis

June 24, 2024